issue 11

UBS DEVIOUS CRYPTIC BEHAVIOR, AGAIN! reports: “UBS takes particular delight in using acronyms to facilitate secretive banking violations of different countries. PEPS are politically exposed persons. This can be a political operative from any number of countries who wants to hide their bribe or theft money. PEFS are thought to be politically exposed financiers. This can be a financier who is hiding money not only from tax authorities and business associates but their wives for fear of a divorce.” K1 All of these individuals use a confidant friend or a family member as a liaison. This can be dicey because it requires trust. We recall Haiti Dictator Baby Doc Duvalier. While in Switzerland his wife betrayed him and kept money for herself and her lover. Things happen.

Alleged UBS Client profiles
HNWI = high net worth individual
CEP = criminally exposed person
UHNWI = ultra high net worth individual
ID = identity donor
IR = Identity recipient

Alleged UBS currency used cryptically throughout the world.K1
A swan = $1 million transaction
The color orange = euros
The color green = dollars
Nut = $250,000 transaction


Reliable UBS sources have told us of an allegedy ghoulish suicide lottery started in the UBS New Jersey offices. Reliable UBS sources have alleged Craig Darvin’s offices could be involved but we give them the benefit of the doubt. It seems the one who guesses nearest to the date of the next UBS client suicide wins the pot. We have reported several known UBS client suicides in past issues. It shows a callous disregard for the human lives of those who intrusted their assets to UBS. This could go on for some time since UBS USA is not only exposing their offshore customers to meet their United States Government quota but allegedly converting UBS client assets through cross border and crossover shifting. Reliable sources allege UBS client asset conversion is noticeably run out of the 3rd District Court of Utah, among other schemes.


CaspersenFinn M.W. Caspersen

Providence Journal reports: “Finn M.W. Caspersen, the head of a financial empire and well-known Westerly summer resident who killed himself on Labor Day, was being investigated for allegedly hiding millions of dollars in unpaid federal taxes overseas … Citing an unnamed source familiar with the investigation, the newspaper said Caspersen, 67, may have owed as much as $100 million to the Internal Revenue Service. The newspaper reported that Caspersen had been caught up in a wide investigation of wealthy Americans evading taxes by using (UBS) offshore bank accounts. Caspersen’s family had for decades run Beneficial Corporation, a New Jersey-based consumer lending institution, which Caspersen sold in 1998 for more than $8 billion. … His body was found Labor Day afternoon on the grounds of the Shelter Harbor Golf Club … The police said he shot himself in the head. … a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law School.” K2 UBS had solicited and recruited UHNW client Finn before betraying him to the IRS. We will see more UBS victims committing suicide in the coming months while UBS perpetrators continue their US violations against a Florida Senior citizen and others. It is regrettable the UBS perpetrators are not making the supreme sacrifice for their criminal acts.


Embassyofswitzerland reports: “Reliable UBS sources say UHNW UBS client Casperson considered being an identity transfer receiver (IR) but it began to unravel. This could have initiated UBS betraying him to the IRS and resulting suicide. It is pure speculation at this time but the Florida HNW UBS Client senior with dementia could have been the perspective identity donor (ID) since he is one year older, has the same features and traveled to the same destinations as Casperson. The Florida senior Client has had many of his account assets disappear, one to a cross border (offshore) Swiss numbered account (see issue 9) and crossovers (between UBS companies) below. When we gave publicity to the Florida senior, it could have given UBS jitters. It is too close and convenient not have been a consideration. Casperson could have come back to the US under the alleged UBS Utah Industrial Bank IRS document fabrication program. is now investigating using its Swiss reliable sources.” K3 This UBS wealth management takes on many variations. One has to ask if it is dangerous even talking with UBS. One just has to remember UBS Congressional hearings where witnesses demanded disguises like the Mafia hearings. These were UBS employees who knew what happens when UBS gets angry.


The 3rd District Court, Salt Lake City, Utah is allegedly known by local lawyers as the Utah Industrial Bank judicial slaughterhouse for its processing the likes of Lehman and UBS allegedly client victims. It does not allow UBS victims any discovery against the alleged fraudulent Federal violations of UBS. UBS presently has come under media exposure for their continuing abuse of a UBS Florida senior citizen Client with dementia. Even though 3rd District Court has accepted the UBS Utah Industrial Bank created credit line agreement part submitted to the IRS as “true and correct”, the 3rd District Court of Utah will authenticate it because the Judge knows it is fabricated to include Utah venue, a prepayment penalty as well as forged United States Federal documents. We hope our IRS readership scrutinize this ongoing matter at 3rd District Court (case # 080926075).

UBS AG CHAIRMAN ORDERS UBS USA TO GIVE FLORIDA SENIOR CLIENT CONCEALED DOCUMENTS reports: “UBS AG forthright Chairman Kaspar Villiger has ordered UBS USA to give concealed documents to Florida senior Client and his attorneys. Among these documents is a proper credit line agreement part plus a mortgage document plainly showing UBS Utah Industrial Bank allegedly fabricated 8 pages so their 3rd District Court, Salt Lake City, Utah venue would be mandatory. It seems 3rd District special relationship with UBS Utah Industrial Bank is coming unglued because of the investigation and media coverage. UBS Utah Industrial Bank has attempted purging implicating Court documents but the 3rd District Court has not allowed it.” K4 One can look up all of the 3rd District Court judges and each looks so decent one has to ask why did they get involved with seamy UBS for-profit intrigue? Who initiated recruitment of the Utah Courts personnel and Utah Regulators. We do know United States fugitive from justice UBS Chairman Raoul Weil and allegedly Craig Darvin’s office are responsible from UBS side of the scheme. One thinks of Mormons as being truthful and transparent. What gives?


University of Utah Law School reliable source says: “Industrial Bank lawyer Craig Darvin’s offices, 3rd District Court of Salt Lake City and the Utah Department of Financial Institutions. Is this group successfully fabricating IRS compliance for or against UBS clients? Why has this relationship been allowed to damage United States of America national security for such a long time?  Who created this Utah system?”   It will be highly beneficial to future victims and the nation when the Department of Treasury closes this system down.

Commissioner Ed Leary
Utah Department of Financial Institutions
PO 146800
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6800

Dear Commissioner Leary:
Upon receipt of your Utah Department of Financial Institutions letter of October 8, 2009 (Exhibit AA) we have seen a chronology of events whereby UBS Utah Industrial Bank New Jersey in house lawyer Craig Darvin’s offices allegedly implemented the below Steve Stewart sworn affidavit. It then was successfully submitted and is rigorously defended by the 3rd District Court (case # 080926075 as “true and correct”. It is not. It then was the premise for a complaint against UBS Utah Industrial Bank lodged with your Utah Department of Financial Institutions. Your Department maintained “no jurisdiction” over criminal acts of UBS Utah Industrial Bank erroneously calling them a “civil matter”.

This is one reason the United States Treasury Department would like to close down Utah Industrial Banks and thus your Utah Department of Financial Institutions. Let us explain.

Your Utah Department of Financial Institutions refusal to reprimand UBS Utah Industrial Bank for submitting fabricated fraudulent unverified documents to IRS and the Utah courts makes other Utah Industrial Banks suspect. Furthermore, it is highly probable if not certain that UBS AG international criminal oligarch clients (see have taken advantage of this UBS Utah Industrial Bank unverified client identification, address et al on credit line and mortgage agreements as a portal into the United States. These oligarchs are allegedly referred knowing there is no scrutiny by either the 3rd District Court, Salt Lake City, Utah or your Utah Department of Financial Institutions. This puts the nearby proposed Salt Lake City National Security Administration (NSA) complex in jeopardy. How can an internationally porous Utah Industrial banking system be allowed next to a NSA top secret complex? I spoke on the telephone to a Utah Department of Financial Institutions officer who said: “What’s an out of place number?” I replied: “What was an out of place 9/11 box cutter?” This is a serious breach of United States national security. Let us explain in more detail.

At the alleged direction of UBS Utah Industrial Bank lead lawyer Craig Darvin, UBS Utah Industrial Bank Chief Credit Officer Steve Stewart submitted a sworn affidavit to the 3rd District Court, Salt Lake City, Utah saying:

“Steve Stewart, being duly sworn and under oath, deposes and says: 2. The Bank (Plaintiff UBS) and Defendant are parties to a certain Credit Line Agreement, dated July 25, 2008, which was duly signed by Defendant. A true and correct copy of the Credit Line Agreement is attached hereto as (Plaintiff UBS) Exhibit A.”

The identification of a customer is a very critical process with a view to protect the customer interests by preventing fraudsters, crime families or terrorists who may use the name, address and forge signature to undertake illegal activities. UBS Utah Industrial Bank under United States Federal law is required to verify all credit line agreements and mortgages as “true and correct”. UBS Utah Industrial Bank is then required to submit a document to the IRS confirming the verification. UBS Utah Industrial Bank submitted a fabricated document to the IRS that was never verified. It is alleged UBS Utah Industrial Bank committed this fraudulent act to avoid the original credit line/mortgage agreement. UBS Utah Industrial Bank criminal violations cannot be considered mistake or inadvertence since there has been a number of intentional material and non-material alterations to the document (Exhibit M). Under United States of America vs UBS, United States District Court Southern District of Florida, Case No. 09-60033-CR-COHN Plaintiff UBS is obligated to tell Federal QI Agreement compliance officers overseeing Plaintiff probation of these violations. UBS Utah Industrial Bank and its lead lawyer Craig Darvin continue to refuse to do so.

BB small

Exhibit BB utah banking regulator



Salt Lake Tribune reports: “Obama is calling for the elimination of industrial bank charters and wants them all shut down within five years. If successful, the president’s plan could deal a hammer blow to Utah’s economy, which is the home of 25 industrial banks that employ thousands of the state’s residents and hold assets valued in excess of $168 billion. … Although Ed Leary, commissioner of the Utah Department of Financial Institutions, pointed out the administration’s plan is only preliminary and there is not yet any legislation before Congress. Nevertheless, he said, the proposal was disheartening. ‘It is discouraging they would want to eliminate a charter [for industrial banks] that has never caused problems and didn’t contribute to any of the country’s financial problems,’ Leary said.” K5 Utah Industrial Banks have become a haven for those who want to circumvent IRS compliance. We just have to read how UBS Utah Industrial Bank fabricated the Florida senior client credit line/mortgage agreement and IRS compliance.

FLORIDA SENIOR CITIZEN SENT TO UBS EUROPEAN CONFERENCES AS SPEAKER reports: “UBS Florida senior client was recently escorted to conferences in Europe to speak on the UBS client policiy within the US. European officials are worried that UBS successful schemes within the US may impact upon their national security. They are particularly worried about two matters. Firstly, there was no US Federal investigation into the purging of all UBS mortgage department personnel and documents in expectation of the Swiss UBS AG bailout. This purging was allegedly implemented by UBS lawyer Craig Darvin’s offices. UBS Florida senior was a witness to the destruction of IRS documents and has allegedly suffered at the hands of Darvin’s offices since. Secondly, UBS Utah Industrial Bank, 3rd District Court of Salt Lake City and the Utah Department of Financial Institutions special relationship was evident in the acceptance of UBS Florida senior’s fabricated IRS documents as “true and correct”. Conversely, UBS also allegedly works with clients providing a portal into the US to those on the Interpol undesirables list.” K6 The plot thickens. Who would ever have thought this behavior has been going on for so long under regulators noses?


Craig Darvin is alleged to have been implementer and enforcer for the Weil, Hoekstra, Darvin team. Weil is a fugitive from US justice and Hoekstra has just been fired. When UBS Florida senior citizen Client witnessed the UBS purging of the mortgage department personnel and regulated documents, Darvin came right after him, as we see in the above email. Darvin offices allegedly shut down the credit line/mortgage agreement, concealed Client documents and would not return the defunct mortgage to the Client victim. UBS took Client assets and shifted them between UBS US companies and secretly wire transferred account assets to Switzerland. After allegedly concealing all documents and assets while Client victim was in France, Darvin’s offices allegedly created a fabricated complaint to obtain a prepayment penalty amounting to more than 15% of the 2 month old UBS terminated credit line/agreement package. Darvin’s office allegedly then forced Client to the fabricated venue of UBS 3rd District Court, Salt Lake City, Utah. Through a special relationship with UBS Utah Industrial Bank, 3rd District Court accepted the fabricated venue and credit line agreement part in order to process the UBS senior citizen Client in their Utah Court. UBS AG Chairman ordered UBS USA to give the concealed documents to the Client victim. Among those documents was a proper credit line agreement and mortgage. We believe 3rd District will ignore the fraudulent credit line agreement falsifying their venue authority. They are to give a Summary Judgment ignoring the rightful credit line part, refusing to authenticate the UBS Utah Industrial Bank fabricated credit line part and maintaining the fraudulent credit line part is “true and correct”. 3rd District Court allegedly believes they have no alternative to their committed special relationship with UBS Utah Industrial Bank. Unfortunately, 3rd District does not realize things have changed at UBS USA and they could be released from their processing obligation.


Letters to the Editor:

Dear Sir:
We all know members of Congress associated in any way with financial regulations are on the take. Frank, Menendez, Pelossi and others are on record for excepting $$$$$ from UBS. What makes you think you can change these things?
Wall Street Veteran

You have mentioned UBS has created the devious and evil word of “incentivize”. It becomes bazaar when a banker/broker dealer has to invent delicate feelgood words to define illegal acts. We can only think of the insensitive soft words that were used during WW II to kill Gypsies, Jews and Homosexuals. These UBS people and their Utah associates are evil. How can Mormon Elders allow their flock to do these things near their Mormon Tabernacle?
Daughter of a Holocaust Parent and Senior from Boca Raton, Florida

Dear Sir:
Why do you folks always demean UBS when there are other banks and broker outfits worse than they are? We would like you to be fair to them. It is perfectly legal to give money to Florida and Utah Senators and Congressmen through the UBS PAC “UBS Americas Fund for a Better Democracy”. Why do you look at this so negatively? Why not have the Florida seniors contact Congressman Ron Klein who is on the Congressional Finance Committee about his role? What about illustrious Florida Senator Menendez who abruptly left his Florida constituents to accept bigger enchiladas as a lobbyist for UBS and other banks?
New Jersey Attorney

Dear Editor:
Do you think we can have a class action against UBS in Florida? There are so many senior citizen UBS client victims on the Florida west coast and now we hear about those on the east coast. We need your group to give us advice. The lawyers soliciting us want to deal with us individually to make more money. They also don’t want us to talk to each other. We feel like sheep in the pen being continually fleeced by UBS and lawyers.
UBS Fleeced Elderly from Naples, Florida


Dear Readership:

Transparency is a wonderful thing for those dealing in the truth. It is not for those hiding the truth through ruse, misrepresentations, opaqueness et al. We told the UBS Florida senior citizen client that the fabrications of his UBS credit line/mortgage Federally submitted documents were done primarily to illegally transfer venue to the 3rd District Court, Salt Lake City, Utah for a reason. We researched this alleged special relationship between UBS and this Utah Court. We were told the Utah locals refer to it as the “judicial slaughterhouse” for a reason. There is a reason why the FDIC and President Obama’s Administration want to shut down these lightly regulated Utah Industrial Banks. We congratulate the Senior citizen willing to go through the harrowing evil experience of malfeasance. It has given us more than enough documentation not only about UBS but the unscrupulous banker/broker dealers who want to set up operations like UBS Utah Industrial Bank. It is profitable to those Utah Industrial Banks and the more than 15,000 mostly Mormons who process the bank client victims shipped in from other states. This is a massive victim processing industry including Utah Industrial Banks, Utah bureaucrats, court personnel, lobbyists and politicians. It can only be considered evil. It will be difficult for the FDIC and the Obama Administration to go against such a formidable secretive industry. It is not only deleterious to US citizens and Federal Government credibility but does serious damage to other United States banks that play by the Federal and State rules.