issue 14


Telegraph reports: “Kim Jong-un, who may soon be anointed as North Korea’s new leader, was educated under a false name at a Swiss school. … Unbeknown to them, their classmate was in actual fact the youngest son of Kim Jong-il, the ageing, tyrannical Supreme Leader … his father decided that the best place for his son to be educated was the Hessgut Schule, a state-run, German-speaking establishment in the suburb of Liebefeld outside Berne. … Jong-un spent nearly four years here without even his teachers being any the wiser as to his real identity.” N1 says: “Are Swiss families jeopardized by repeatedly allowing controversial foreign children to be secretly insinuated within Swiss schools? In actuality, the North Korean Supreme Leader has a substantial amount of account assets allegedly in either UBS or similar perpetrating Swiss Bank. The Bank was instrumental in getting the Supreme Leader’s son into the Swiss school under the assumed name. It is believed Kim Jong-un was initially groomed to be the family offshore moneyman, overseeing the Swiss family bank accounts.” N1 The questions yet to be addressed are: How many other children presently are secretly insinuated within Swiss Schools? Should the Swiss voters be told? This Swiss Bank behavior jeopardizing Swiss citizens has been going on quite some time. We reported (Issue 11) UBS allegedly facilitates ultra high net worth client leaders of drug, slavery, arms etc crime families as well as politicians by insinuating at least one of their sons into Swiss schools. The justification for the family offshore accounts is that the family has to be able to fund crime rejuvenation or counterrevolution if destabilized. A reliable UBS source said: “UBS officers were put in fear when international criminal oligarchs found UBS betraying both overt and covert US client trust. There has recently been an extreme reluctance of UBS officers to travel outside of Switzerland into oligarch client comfort zones.” A reliable source said UBS has again threatened employees (Issue 6) with at least immediate termination if they assist clients targeted by UBS. We believe there will be many more suicides and accidents of UBS officers in coming months.

WILL ANOTHER CONCERNED UBS OFFICER DIVULGE MORE COVERT UBS CLIENT NAMES? reports: “A concerned reliable UBS source has said there are other names available of ultra high net worth political, drug, arms and white slave criminal family children insinuated within Swiss schools by UBS and alike banks. This pandering is done allegedly by UBS to curry favor for the crime family Swiss Bank accounts. Assumed names with one or two proper name letters changed but similar pronunciation to facilitate the child is common. This practice has endangered unsuspecting Swiss and other potential collateral damage children also attending the schools.” N2 Swiss banks are expensive and supposedly make most money hiding criminal and political assets as well as stealing those assets upon perceived weakness. What if there was an explosive incident? What would happen if the clandestine child got angry with another at the school? What would happen if an unknowing teacher or administrator severely chastised an embedded child? What if Kim Jong-un carried a school grudge soon to be gratified? The Swiss bank perpetrators scenario would provide a media disinformation cover up. Allegedly UBS or alike other would neither confirm nor deny any implication to the best of their recollection. Lastly, there is the timeworn Swiss bank confidentiality. Perhaps the Swiss president would seek out the criminal family and apologize with the usual embarrassing photo opportunity. The sadness comes with knowing this pandering jeopardizes Swiss children to obtain criminal bank account assets, for profit.

IS RAOUL WEIL AN UNPROSECUTED CRIMINAL GENIOUS? says: “The more we delve into the murkiness of UBS international banking the more we find a duplicitous pattern of overt and covert international banking practices honed over millennia. We keep bumping into fugitive from US Justice UBS Chairman Raoul Weil (United States of America v Raoul Weil Case # 80-60322 US Southern District of Florida) as we discover more UBS criminal intrigue. UBS overtly gives money to Utah symphony and gifts to Utah 3rd District Court (Issues 13 &14), among Utah others. It gives overtly though the Orwellian ‘UBS Americas Fund for Better Government’ PAC (political action committee, Issue 8) to US elected political operatives. The covert will be discussed in later issues as more reliable sources report. To partially pay for these operations UBS takes from UBS perceived weakened high net worth US senior citizens by targeting, soliciting, recruiting, harvesting and then transporting them as client victims to the infamous Utah 3rd District Court processing mill, only to be yet another UBS victim on their Utah profit growth graph (Issue 13). New York Attorney General took action by initiating a continuing class action for more than 400 UBS client victims at a promised 40% return. All of these UBS machinations seem to have UBS Chairman Raoul Weil’s fingerprints (Issue 1,5 & 7). Why was UBS Chairman Raoul Weil allowed US Government personal recognizance even though he was a Swiss citizen and known critical flight risk criminal? Was his escape from United States Justice politically contrived? How is UBS Chairman Raoul Weil able to continue unabatedly managing known US areas of UBS from Switzerland without Washington interference? Why has UBS Chairman Weil’s alleged US criminal infrastructure not been completely dismantled? Why does Washington still allow US Federal agency unregulated UBS AG Utah Industrial Bank to predate upon vulnerable high net worth US senior citizens? Why is UBS AG allowed to misrepresent UBS Utah Industrial Bank in Utah State and Federal District Court documents as a United States Federally regulated UBS Bank USA to the unsuspecting world? How does UBS AG keep UBS Utah Industrial Bank (aka UBS Bank USA) from being criminally prosecuted by US Federal agencies? How are these UBS alleged criminal activities allowed to continue within the United States when UBS has been forced to shut down their criminal aspects in other countries? It was reported several years ago Israeli and US intelligence have access to Swiss bank covert files but story continuance was spiked.” N3


Newsweek reports: “Get government out of the shadows. Corruption thrives not just on plainly illegal bribes, but even more on legal practices such as political donations, lobbying, and the revolving doors that reward lawmakers and regulators with juicy jobs in industry.” N4 Under UBS master criminal Chairman Raoul Weil UBS has set up a criminal system within the United States to facilitate the harvesting of high net worth senior citizens. In many cases it has been outright systemized theft of client account assets.


Resource Center reports: “The UBS AG Board refused to investigate the missing trust fund of $250,000 which left a California World War II 80 year old widow bankrupt and her 63 year old Parkinson’s disease victim daughter without medical care. A UBS AG Director flew to Laguna, California from UBS AG headquarters in Zurich to seek sole power of attorney over the trust set up for the two frail senior citizens at UBS AG. It is alleged either the Director or UBS AG pocketed the $250,000 after receiving the power of attorney from the two trusting California seniors. Despite numerous documents substantiating the elderly women’s statements UBS AG has refused to comment or take action on the alleged theft.” N5 It is common knowledge UBS AG has allegedly been stealing account assets of vulnerable clients since at least the Holocaust victims. It is alleged that when UBS perceives weakness or threat it steals client account assets. It is clear the UBS AG Director personally went to California to assess the weakness of the elderly women. Reliable UBS sources say historically UBS has allegedly stolen accounts of clients who are perceived to be incapable of media, judicial or other threatening action. Our awareness of this UBS behavior put high and ultra high net worth UBS clients on notice.


PALM BEACH CIVIC ASSOCIATION MEMBERS HARVESTED BY UBS says: “These names include many of the super rich within the US. These members have been solicited by UBS. One Director allegedly had her account assets taken by UBS incentivising the UBS stockbroker salesman whose whereabouts UBS will not divulge. This is similar to UBS mortgage manager Mark Boinavich whose whereabouts and Client mortgage documents UBS will not divulge to another Palm Beach elderly victim member. Another Director pulled out of UBS allegedly when UBS started offshore shifting and other onerous behavior, without his knowledge. Ironically, at least one Director is an attorney with prestigious Palm Beach law firm Alley Maass Rogers & Lindsay who UBS has allegedly accused of fraud in Utah 3rd District Court documents.” N6 UBS just does not get it. These people talk to each other and read about UBS criminal dealings herein and elsewhere. UBS is to be avoided at all costs. Why does UBS continue to target and solicit these people knowing is spreading the word?

AGAIN, UBS MAKES A MINISCULE MATTER INTO AN INTERNATIONAL SCANDAL reports: “What started out as a credit line/mortgage hen fight between attorneys of reputable Alley Mass Rogers & Lindsay of Palm Beach and in-house UBS lawyer Craig Darvin (Issue 13), has allegedly turned into a political scandal of international proportions. Amazingly, both parties represented the UBS targeted Florida senior citizen with clinical dementia. hopes to have a Civic Association Member in every wealthy community targeted by UBS.” N7 European Union and Brazilian media are investigating the assertions made within all of the issues.

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UBS HARVESTING WEALTHY SENIORS SEASON STARTS AFTER THANKSGIVING IN PALM BEACH reports: “Wealthy US seniors migrate back early November to Florida for proof of citizenship by voting. Being Florida domiciled avoids high taxes of states like New York and Connecticut. This migration starts UBS targeting, soliciting, recruiting and harvesting of these wealthy senior citizens. It is ironic that the Atlantic shore fish migrate at the same time only to get entangled in nets similar to those of UBS, metaphorically speaking. Ultra high net worth members have been targeted and solicited in hopes of recruitment by UBS. Last year UBS Palm Beach attempted a similar targeted solicitation rendition with four salesmen. Now there is only one left. One of the four moved to the eerie looking UBS Southampton, NY office, taken his children out of private school and put them into local public school, purchased a modest home et al allegedly because of financial difficulties.” N8

depiction not allowed says: “We now decipher the above-targeted UBS junk mail letter into reality. A UBS Private Wealth Advisor is the retread stockbroker salesman. What is a UBS Senior VP doing hustling Palm Beach senior citizens. Although the UBS Senior VP has been recognized three times as a top UBS salesman, it is noted he has hit the downward slide since 2008. This is when savvy investors read of UBS alleged continuing criminal conduct within the United States by harvesting targeted wealthy US senior citizens, especially in Florida and California. Many of these UBS senior clients are processed in the far away infamous Utah 3rd District Court where their remaining assets are fraudulently taken. The letter enticement is limited seating, required registration and $5 million. In actuality, the room has large seating capacity with plenty of alcohol available to soften up perspective clients. In the past, UBS salesmen attending have been Smith Barney, real estate, trainees or other sales retreads with a new suit. We embedded a member among those attending. The UBS Senior VP and another salesman initially worked the door with the solicited given drinks inside. UBS expected 30 but about 8 showed up. But for one couple, those attending were in there 80s. UBS targeted elderly lonely women who made up more than 50%. One elderly woman looked in her 90s. Talking with them, it seemed they just wanted to get out and meet others of similar wealth. The men looked like they had made their money in the trades and could not get into respectable clubs. All seemed lonely and vulnerable as UBS client victims are so often portrayed herein. If UBS can recruit one or two wealthy senior citizens, especially with clinical dementia, UBS will have been successful in the hustle.” N9

OSWALD GRUBEL WANTS UBS TO GET RESPECT FROM WEALTHY! reports: “UBS AG Chairman Oswald Grubel espouses his corny out of touch new advertising kitsch of ‘not resting’ until UBS is respected among wealthy clients. Ossie sounds like Rodney Dangerfield saying double negative, ‘I don’t get no respect.’ Does Ossie forget UBS is relying upon a small group of high (HNW) or ultra high (UHNW) clients? Most of these targets live, club and talk in the same wealthy areas. The Palm Beach senior mentioned herein whose UBS account assets disappeared via offshore wire transfer, shifting and mortgage denials talks to these friends. Ossie should have a wakeup call instead of ‘not resting’ “. N10

BOSTON ELDERLY REPULSE UNWANTED UBS CREDIT LINE/MORTGAGE SOLICITATIONS depiction not allowed reports: “We assisted an elderly lady from Boston who has no debt and no mortgage on her property. She was solicited by UBS who now has some of her assets under UBS control. UBS has been pressing her to turn over her remaining assets to UBS. UBS wants her to take a credit line/mortgage agreement out on her property. She is reluctant to do so because she does not need the money. UBS is allegedly now saying she has the capability of making a lot money by purchasing low valued stocks using UBS loans. This is the same UBS target, solicit, recruit, harvest and Utah 3rd District Court process scheme we have reported (Issues 6 – 13).” N11 How long are UBS alleged scams going to be tolerated within the US wealthy senior citizen community?

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WHY DOES UBS ALLEGEDLY BAIT AND SWITCH US SENIOR CITIZEN CLIENT MORTGAGES? reports: “John Chatfeild-Roberts at Jupiter (investments) says that this crisis reinforced the message that some assets, notably property, are illiquid assets and that they cannot be offloaded in a hurry when problems emerge.” N12 UBS continues to solicit clients through their alleged mortgage Bait and Switch (Issues 6 – 14), especially in Florida and California.


New York Times reports: “ ‘The president’s regulatory reform plan is not about fighting the last crisis, but trying to avoid the next one,’ said Michael S. Barr, assistant Treasury secretary for financial institutions. ‘If we preserve known loopholes in consolidated oversight, then we will just be inviting the next Bear Stearns or A.I.G.’ ” N13 Mr Barr parrots his boss. These statements have been all talk and no action. Let us not forget UBS got a US Treasury AIG counterparty bailout of $5,000,000,000 while on US Justice parole. UBS continues their fraudulent activities unabated within the US by harvesting US senior citizens through unsolicited enticements.


Bloomberg reports: “The U.S. Justice Department dismissed a landmark criminal case against UBS AG that prompted the bank to admit it helped Americans evade taxes. Prosecutors said today that Zurich-based UBS, the largest Swiss bank, complied with an 18-month agreement signed in February 2009 to defer prosecution on a charge of conspiring to defraud the U.S. by helping 17,000 Americans hide accounts from the Internal Revenue Service. As part of the agreement, UBS paid $780 million, admitted fostering tax evasion from 2000 to 2007 and handed over account data on more than 250 U.S. clients, piercing the veil of Swiss bank secrecy. UBS later turned over information on 4,450 more accounts. Prosecutors said UBS honored its pledge to end its cross-border business and cooperate with the government.” N14 We do not know if this perplexing decision is political or part of the grand game with sanitizing ultimate UBS sacrifices being made. We had been informed this UBS decision was coming despite our contradictory reporting. The only ripple effect from Switzerland seems to be that US citizens require Swiss visas. UBS international clients should be suspicious.


New York Times reports: “ ‘You can use client activity as a cover for basically anything you are doing,’ said Janet Tavakoli, who runs her own structured finance consulting firm. It’s very problematic that losses like this are showing up. It’s a prime example of what the financial reform bill doesn’t address.’ To be sure, in some cases it is necessary for a bank to take a financial risk in order to execute trades quickly and preserve market liquidity. What is more, it can be difficult even for Wall Streeters to draw the line between holding securities as inventory for clients and owning them with a view toward where the market is going.” N15


Reuters reports: “Brazilian billionaire Andre Esteves is in talks with an investor group from Singapore to sell a stake of about 15 percent of his Banco BTG Pactual SA … Esteves and partners had bought back the bank from UBS AG (UBS.N) for $2.5 billion last year.” N16 UBS AG allegedly bought BTG high and sold low after running into criminal charges in Brazil. In essence, UBS AG was kicked out of Brazil, selling BTG back to Esteves and cronies for a low price. UBS AG has allegedly promised the Brazilian Government not to do bad things anymore if they can come back (See Issues 2 & 10). They are buying another Bank from Deuchabank at a high premium. UBS AG continues to buy high and sell low making up the losses by allegedly fleecing US clients like the Florida senior with dementia.


Letters to the Editor:

Dear Sir:
Mitt Romney public relations is clearly trying to distance him from what goes on in Salt Lake City with the Penney Stock, Utah Industrial Bank and other “alleged” swindles. How do they get away with so much “alleged” criminal activity at the expense of other states? We’ve seen media call Utah Washington politicians and lobbyists Banksters. Are they involved in the Utah Industrial Bank scams you’ve reported? Concerned

Editor: My heart goes out to the UBS client victims you’ve written about. Having had my own personal issues with having to deal with, “checkbook robbing, unethical, greedy Utah lawyers”, I can only imagine what you are going through. These so-called professionals are a rare breed that has no (Mormon) conscience for those outside the beehive they represent. As long as they’re pocketing large sums of money to indulge they’re selfish desires (alcohol, sex, drugs, etc) your interests will never be priority. Having been a former client who also was overcharged, it is a terrible way for them to do business, which is why their firm fell apart little, by little. In addition, I believe when paying such a large amount for their services, the office staff (paralegals, secretaries and associate attorneys) should treat me with respect and not make me feel like I am a “nothing” and that my call is wasting their time. And how about actually returning phone calls in a timely manner? Victim Client

Palm Beach Post posted: What goes around comes around, my friends. These immoral individuals may be reveling in their glory and high salaries today, but as they lie and cheat their way up that corporate ladder, they have that many more chances to fall off! I hope they all experience the “fall” sooner, rather thank later. Former MFK employee

Dear Editor: I was told by UBS there actions were allegedly an unfortunate mistake to be easily rectified. UBS asked me to hire West Palm Beach law firm of Moyle Flanigan Katz White & Doorakian to handle the disappearance of my original UBS credit line/mortgage contract. I had found Mark Boinavich (sp) and all other mortgage department personnel at UBS mortgage department of Laurel, New Jersey (866-536-3827) had been purged. I was later told by sympathetic UBS officers my original UBS credit line/mortgage contract, along with fraudulent UBS Federally mandated documents, had been most probably allegedly shredded with other similar client documents in expectation of the UBS AG Swiss and AIG counter party bailouts. These two sympathetic UBS officers said that all UBS employees had allegedly received explicit orders from UBS Weehawken, New Jersey (UBS headquarters) to talk neither to me nor my Alley Maas Rogers & Lindsay attorneys, under threat of immediate termination. I have all of the concerned names and emails. My trust in UBS was betrayed. I soon was hunted down by UBS and brought to a Utah court for a prepayment penalty plus fees, fines, billings etc. Now defunct Moyle Flanigan Katz White & Doorakian had secret talks with UBS out-house lawyer Anthony Borrelli of Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti to which I was not privy but was billed. Florida senior citizen client

Palm Beach Post posted letter:
I knew Dan in law school, and wanted to point out that he was brought up to face honor code violations his first year. He had made fraudulent statements on his resume for recruiters,  alleging that he had degrees that he did not have, honors he had not received, etc. He was banned from using career services as a result, and the honor code was changed to more adequately cover his particular conduct (as no one had previously violated it in such a way), and thus he could not be more severely punished than he was. But clearly, this is not an isolated incident, but evidence of his complete lack of morals, scruples, or ethical behavior. My interactions with Dan lead me to believe that he is completely amoral, and possibly psychotic. It doesn’t say much for his firm, or the Florida Bar as a whole, that they would allow him to interact with the public as an attorney.

Palm Beach Post posted letter: – Dude:
Allegedly the Pres. of the FL BAR, a guy I was told named Mr. Diner…….allegedly his Sis in Law was getting lots of money from Rothstein peeps. Also, Rothstien of Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler Boca Raton, Florida law firm, was allegedly V Chairman of the ETHICS GRIEVANCE committee of the FL BAR? What? The FL BAR appears hopelessly incompetent….Lawyers are Officers of the Court… can they be trusted? They cannot. Maybe … this dude can be the Florida Bar Poster Child Maybe …. Pulled over for DUI, Crapping his pants, vomiting on himself and saying …. “Wha’ happened?” We know what happened …. bad attys and judges are corrupting our system stinks. Ponzi lawyer Rothstein headed Florida Bar.

We Googled Judge Sandra Peuler and found she had won a national woman judge award. She is the one who officiated over the case # 080926075 mentioned in your issues and we looked at the case. We asked around Utah and found Judge Peuler a pretty decent person. Did she know the drunk vomiting excreting lawyer mentioned in your issue thirteen? Any layperson can see in many instances case 080926075 doesn’t look procedurally proper. This is depressing to law students and first entry Utah attorneys. Young women law students look for guidance from those like Judge Peuler. It is demoralizing. Can you write more about this action? We will spread the word and be in contact.
Quinney Law students

Dear Readership:

Queries by our readership: Lawyer Levitt is no relation to former Utah Governor Leavitt. Anthony Borrelli is no relation to alleged Borelli of an alleged New Jersey Mafia crime family.

We are amassing a large quantity intelligence regarding UBS machinations in various venues, especially Utah. We are arranging our compilations so as to keep our readership interest. Some of the concerned media are becoming irritated with our slow pace but we sacrifice expediency for thoroughness. Bare with us, please.

We truly thank those who are giving us information displayed within our issues. Without their assistance and heads-up we would not have the ability to convey this information to our readership. Some are divulging under the threat of physical harm. We have already reported sundry UBS related suicides and accidents. We have already seen a US Congressional Committee investigating UBS grant demanded witness protection offered only to Mafia informants.